Multi-tiered debt capital advisory

  • Cadence has extensive experience of implementing multi-tiered structures using Asset Based Lending as super senior or first lien, with second lien senior, junior or mezzanine finance to complete the optimal debt capital structure;

  • Multi-tiered capital structures provide:

    • Access to additional liquidity from mezzanine lenders, debt funds and alternative lenders

    • Low cost, flexible working capital facilities for day to day trading;

    • Efficient use of security to minimise the blended cost of funds;

    • Gearing which reflects underlying cash generation, as well as asset value;

    • Loan amortisation profile to match borrowers investment plans;

  • Cadence provide the mission critical planning and project management of all stages: valuation, modelling, due diligence, verification, review and documentation for a timely and cost effective process across multiple lenders using different credit criteria and transaction protocols

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