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Author: John Weeden

U.K. banks facing tougher financial tests

Banks in the UK will be forced to prepare for a global economic downturn

Number of U.K. debt transactions with alternative lenders continues to increase

Will we see the conventional ABL lenders pushed down the quality scale as the more flexible alternative lenders move into the quality space?

The UK economy is “riddled with zombie companies” that cannot withstand a rise in interest rates. Productivity is key.

The normalisation of interest rates might increase productivity by shifting investment from the “zombies” to the “gazelles”.

Almost 1 in five of Britain’s SMEs are missing payday in their battle to stay afloat

In a competitive and uncertain economic landscape, small businesses were found to be predominantly self-financing

Debt market in the UK “the most friendly ever”

The arrival of numerous direct lenders and debt funds, as well as the growth in challenger banks, has led to increased competition in the UK lending arena.

UK businesses unprepared for Brexit

44% of UK businesses unprepared for the potential impact of Brexit

UK government considers 10-year zero-tariff interim post-Brexit trade deal with EU

John Weeden, Cadence Advisory, comments

UK Government’s Brexit strategy – Is this plan B??